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The Distribution Management Office (DMO) is open from 0730 – 1600 Monday through Friday. Thursday will be closed at 1400 for training, and excluding holidays. PCS workshop classes are given once every month at the education center hub. We are located on MCAS Miramar at BLDG 2258 the JRC. Walk-ins are welcome.

While filling out the initial paperwork, we ask that you estimate 1000 lbs. per room, be sure to include garage and any storage areas. The regulations and the local moving companies require any shipment under 5,000 lbs. can be packed and picked up in one day, shipments 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. will take one day to pack and one day to pick up, anything 10,000 or more will require two days to pack and one day to pick up.

Shipments in excess of your maximum entitlement are at your expense. Quite often, excess costs can be extremely expensive. Excess costs can be caused by excessive weight or distance. If you are on separation orders and your home of record or place of entry into active duty is;
EXAMPLE: Dallas, TX and you want to ship to Boston, MA…you could have excess costs.

Many times excess charges are due to attempted pack/pickup or delivery of your property. If, during a pack out, you or your designated agent are not at the residence, the movers do not have to wait, they can leave and charge you an “attempt” fee. The military member, spouse or a designated person over the age of 18 must be present at all times during the move. Do not leave pack crews in your residence unsupervised, they are required to leave and your move will have to be rescheduled…and you may be charged an attempt fee.

Some excess charges are due to the military member/spouse not being ready to move or the house is dirty or has an insect infestation. If the packers arrive at the residence and the house is dirty or there is an insect infestation…the member will be charged for an attempt and the move will have to be rescheduled.


Upon arrival at MCAS Miramar call 32nd St at (855) 444 - 6683 for the shipment of your Household Goods. You can directly contact your moving company.



Organize and plan, You should go through your house and dispose/sell/give away unwanted items to ensure you do not exceed your maximum weight limit.

Prior to move day, the local Agent who is packing will contact you for a pre-move survey. Shipments within CONUS estimated 3200 lbs. or more should have a physical pre-move survey. If you are not contacted three working days prior to your pack date, call DMO (858) 307-1670.

Items must be clean and free of soil and insect/rodent infestation. If the movers feel your residence is not ready for packing, they can refuse to move you. This result in a delay of your move and you can be charged for an attempted pickup. It is your responsibility to ensure your personal property is ready to be moved.

We recommend you do not ship valuable jewelry or other small valuable items. Most people put these items in a room and ask the movers to leave this area off limits, but it has been known to get packed anyway. The safest place to ensure these items and important documents (passports, tickets, cash, military documents) are not packed is to place these items in your vehicle during the packing dates. Remember….reimbursement for expensive and easily valuable items may be disallowed totally or in part if you decide to ship them without added insurance or if you cannot substantiate ownership, proof of value or prove that they were shipped.

Prepare a list of small valuable items. Complete a detailed list of items, do not just annotate a 35mm camera…list it as it is….a Canon AE1 program with 55mm lens. Do this for all you small items or high value items. Many people videotape their belongings to show proof of ownership or take pictures of your property prior to the move…. This will also show the condition of the property prior to packing. You should have a list of all your music CDs, videos, etc.

You must disconnect your washer and dryer, the refrigerator must be defrosted, all appliances must be disconnected, and items in hard to reach places must be taken down. This is not the responsibility of the packers/movers; they are not required to move items from attics or crawl spaces. Packers can pack stereo equipment in original cartons if you have them and these cartons are serviceable. If you have any items requiring special disassembly, ensure you identify them during the DMO counseling and during pre-move survey.
All outdoor play equipment, TV antennas, storage sheds, dog runs and other such items must be disassembled by the military member….this is not a requirement of the movers.



If you are declaring professional gear, it must be annotated on the application for shipment (DD1299). Pro gear does not count against your weight entitlement provided it is declared on your application and identified on the inventory. Pro gear includes reference materials, books, special clothing (such as flight gear or specialized medical uniforms), it includes plaques and memorabilia. It does not include your basic uniform issue or your spouse’s professional books, papers and equipment. You should stage pro gear together so it can be packed and marked as such, it must be annotated as “pro” gear or books, papers and equipment.
NOTE: Claiming professional items after the move is usually not approved and could result in your shipment exceeding the weight allowance.



The movers can arrive anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can call the local agent the day before the move to get an approximate show time, they are only obligated to advise you either morning or afternoon…but it is your responsibility to be at your residence or place of pack out between 8:00 a.m. and 5p.m.

It makes the day go smoother if you have your children and pets stay at a friend’s house during the packing and loading of your shipment.

When the movers arrive ask who the Crew Leader is. Take him/her around the house and show them what needs to be packed. While doing this, point out any items of concern. Show them which bathroom the pack crew may use and where to put their belongings if needed.

You may have a different crews show up on pack and pickup dates, so again show the Crew Leader the bathroom they may use and where they can put their belongings if needed.

Your job is to supervise the move… the movers will pack everything. You should not impede their progress. If you are organized it will make it easier to unpack at destination. If you and the movers disagree on something, call DMO.  The movers are required to comply with the provisions of the contract, sometimes that means you are asking for something not in the contract or a service that is not required of the movers.

The inventory is your most important document. It is your proof of tender to the carrier…that you had an item that the movers packed and moved. Ensure the model and serial numbers of high value items and all electrical equipment is listed on the inventory. If it's not on the inventory, you didn't ship it. Pay close attention to the exception symbols used by the carrier to describe the condition of your household goods. If you disagree with the inventory, there is a space for exceptions on the bottom of each page. Annotate the inventory number with the name of the item and that you disagree with the condition of the item… DO NOT GET INTO AN ARGUMENT WITH THE MOVERS, IT DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING….call DMO Quality Control. Do not pack your moving documents (DD1299, inventory, GBL) you will need these when you arrive at destination, you must call the destination DMO when you arrive and let them know you are in the area, give them your contact information so you can be notified when your shipment arrives. Take these and your other important documents (school records, medical records, bank records, etc.) with you along with your original orders.

Prior to the driver leaving, ask when he plans on getting to destination and if the Carrier has an 800 number for “in-transit visibility”. His response will only be an estimate as something could come up and re-route him. You should communicate with the Carrier’s Operations Center (at the 800#) if you are attempting a direct delivery. The RDD is the date the carrier should have your shipment at destination without incurring a penalty, it can get to destination sooner and unfortunately….it could arrive late. Quite often the driver arrives before the RDD and the shipment is placed into storage.

You will be required to sign several forms on behalf of the government. These forms are used to verify packing material used, and any “special requirements” needed for the movement of your shipment. Please do not sign these forms until you have read and agree with these material counts and services.

Temporary Storage (SIT) is authorized at destination for 90 days in connection with your move unless you are shipping from a Government storage location (NTS) or performing a local move. The destination DMO may approve additional storage on a case-by- case basis. You must request additional storage prior to the expiration of your storage entitlement. If your shipment is coming out of permanent storage (NTS) the temporary storage entitlement is not authorized except for extremely unique circumstances.



This program is available to military members and the next of kin of a deceased member.  The program allows members to personally move household goods (HHG) and collect an incentive payment from the government when they have orders for permanent change of station (PCS), temporary duty (TDY), separation or retirement, or assignment to, from, or between Government quarters.  A member can use rental or privately owned vehicles to move HHG instead of having the Government ship them.  Members may use the program to move all or a portion of their authorized JFTR weight allowance.  The personal property counselors will provide members information on the methods and procedures for making the move and advises members that they may choose one of the methods stated below, either alone or in conjunction with a government arranged move.  The counselor also prepares DD Form 2278 (Application for PPM Move) for members.  The personal property office does not, as policy, advise members to move their property first and then complete the required documentation afterwards as this may result in forfeiture of incentive. Members may choose one of the following methods:


Personally Procured Transportation Move, Using Rental Vehicles

Members may rent normal types of rental vehicles, equipment, moving aids, and packing material and the member performs all labor for the move.  An advance operating allowance is authorized when using this method. An Advance Operating Allowance of up to 50% of your estimated final incentive payment is authorized when using this method to offset anticipated expenses for rental vehicle, gas, tolls, packing material and other authorized expenses. If you elect to draw an advance operating allowance, your package to settle your PPM claim must be received by TVCD 45 days of receiving the advance or you will be subject to a pay checkage for active duty and retired marines, or other collection actions for separated marines.


Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) Personally Procured Transportation Move

Members may use their own or a borrowed POV.  Members must have written permission from the vehicle owner for all POV PPM moves; the current vehicle registration is also required.  The purpose of an advance operating allowance is to offset anticipated expenses for rental vehicle, gas, tolls, packing materials and other authorized expenses. Marines normally receive mileage and other allowances while conducting PCS, separation or retirement moves, so an advance operating allowance is highly discouraged to ensure you do not have to pay back any funds advanced to you should you over estimate the weight of the household goods moved by POV. If you elect to draw an advance operating allowance, your package to settle your PPM claim must be received by TVCD within 45 days of receiving the advance or you will be subject to a pay checkage for active duty and retired marines, or other collection actions for separated marines.


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