Provost Marshal Office
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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
San Diego, California

Address and Contact Information

Building 7117

Building 6200, located at the East Gate, MCAS Miramar


  • Drivers Awareness Certification from Marine Net for service members under the age of 26

  • Valid  driver’s license

  • Valid Insurance

  • Valid paper registration

  • Smog check for any vehicle registered outside the state of California that is 6 years or older to be compliant with the California Clean Air Act

  • Motorcycles will also need a valid motorcycle endorsement and BRC/ARC certification


  • Valid  driver’s license

  • Valid insurance

  • Valid paper registration

  • Smog check for any vehicle registered outside the state of California that is 6 years or older to be compliant with the California Clean Air Act



1. Bring all required documents to Bldg. 6200

2. A PMO employee will have you identify your social security number and set up a profile in the registration system if one is not already created

3. You will receive a print out of your on base registration and sign a copy for our records


You will need to keep your copy of your on base registration with your vehicle at all times.




California Clean Air Act

Barracks Parking Permit

Address: BLDG. 7117 of MCAS Miramar
Located at the first stoplight intersection coming in the East Gate, make a left hand turn and the building is identified with “Military Police” at the top.

Requirements for Active Duty:
Vehicle must be registered aboard MCAS Miramar

Requirements for Civilian Personnel:
Vehicle must be registered aboard MCAS Miramar
Confirmation from MCCS with justification to receive a parking permit.

1. Register your vehicle at Bldg. 6200 Vehicle Registration Center located at the East Gate

2. Bring the Statement of Understandingparking permit application, and on base registration form to Bldg. 7117 and ask for the Admin Section

3. A PMO employee will meet you in the lobby and then assign you a Barracks Permit Pass

Statement of Understanding
Parking Permit Application

Privately-Owned Firearms Registration

East Gate of MCAS Miramar
Address: 6200 Miramar Way San Diego, CA 92145


  • Weapon must be in condition four, No magazine inserted, No round in chamber, stored in a locked container with no ammo. (AMMO IS NOT AUTHORIZED INSIDE BLDG 6200, VRC)

  • Proof of ownership (Bill of Sale, Registration Forms)

  • Do not bring the weapon inside until instructed to do so.

  • Active Duty must be in the uniform of the day in order to conduct official business

Steps on how to register:
1. Enter the front door of building 6200 and state that you need to register your weapon.

2. You will be directed to retrieve your weapon from your vehicle and proceed to the clearing barrel behind building 6200.

3. You will be instructed by a PMO employee to clear your weapon properly in the clearing barrel.  Follow proper clearing procedures posted on the wall.

4. Once cleared you will be instructed to fill out a document with your information and the weapons information.

5. Once completed a PMO employee will enter your information into the CLEOC system and provide you with a print out for your records; as well as issue you a weapons card for each weapon you are registering.

**Please note: this weapons card does not authorize you to concealed carry your weapon aboard the instillation and is only proof of registration. All weapons must be in the proper transport carry at all times. (refer to references)

Station Order on registering weapons 

Pet Registration

Lincoln Military Housing
Contact: (619) 556-7667

Pets are allowed at some communities. Be sure to let your housing office know ahead of time that you have a pet. You will need to register your pet with the office and follow the community policies with regards to the number of pets, weight and breed restrictions, pet security deposit and the care of your pet. 

Steps: Currently living in housing
1. Individuals currently living in base housing will need to go to their site office to register their pet
2. You will need to bring the shot records from the vet and a photo of your pet
3. You can check with your site office to obtain a list of restricted breeds

Steps: Applying to live in housing
1. Individuals applying to live in base housing should identify their amount and type of pet when filling out the application
2. The application will identify a list of restricted breeds
3. Ensure you have up to date shot records of your pet as well as a photo to provide the housing office

MCAS Miramar has a strict on leash policy. All pets that are outside of the residence should be on a leash

Defense Biometric Identification Card

East Gate of MCAS Miramar
Address: 6200 Miramar Way San Diego, CA 92145


  • Must bring the Background Check form, appointment letter, confirmation code from pre-enrollment, and 2 authorized forms of ID.​

  • Authorized forms of ID: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Passport, Passport card, Sentri card, Permanent Resident Card.

  • Once form of ID will need to be a valid Driver’s License/Identification Card.

1. You will need to find an authorized Base Sponsor to begin this process. This can be anyone who has a government issued CAC, and does not need to be assigned at MCAS Miramar.

2. You will need to complete the pre-enrollment process which can be done at Once completed you will be given a 6 digit code at the end which you will need to forward to your base sponsor. At this point no further action is needed on the employee’s part.

3. The base sponsor will need to contact the VRC via email at and send the DBIDS request form. This will need to be sent from their government email as to verify their sponsorship privileges.

4. Once the VRC receives your request we will process it timely and email you back an appointment letter for your employee. This will outline all requirements, and assign them a date and time to come and get their DBIDS card.


  • An existing DBIDS card is not an acceptable second form of ID at MCAS Miramar

  • Individuals not having all required documents will be instructed to reschedule their appointment

  • Individuals that bring an Identification card and do not provide a Driver’s License will be identified as a “passenger only” on their DBIDS card

  • Walk-ins are not accepted


Resale Lot

East Gate of MCAS Miramar
Address: 6200 Miramar Way San Diego, CA 92145


  • Valid CAC, Dependent/retiree I.D.

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Valid Insurance

  • Valid paper registration

  • Vehicle must be registered on Base

1. Bring all required documents to Bldg. 6200

2. A PMO employee will verify your documents and assign you a spot in the lot

3. You will receive a placard with your assigned spot numbered and instructed to place it in your window while your vehicle is parked there


  • Spots are assigned on availability and in 30 day increments. If you need longer than 30 days please come back to Bldg. 6200 to get an updated placard

  • If you sell your vehicle before the 30 days please notify us so we can open up your spot to someone else

  • Vehicles parked in the lot and not authorized or assigned to be there are subject to be towed at the owners expense

Bicycle Registration

East Gate of MCAS Miramar
Address: 6200 Miramar Way San Diego, CA 92145


  • All bicycles must be registered on base. (All unregistered bicycles are subject to removal/disposal at owner’s expense). 

  • Bicycles will need to be brought into the VRC for a serial number verification.

  • Sponsor must have a valid form of Military Identification. 

1. Bring the bicycle to the VRC and an employee will verify your ID

2. You will be issued a registration card for the bicycle and will be required to keep it with you at all times while riding aboard MCAS Miramar


Effective October 1, 2020 a REAL ID will be required to enter federal secured facilities such as Military Bases
Before the effective date a federal non-compliant ID is acceptable for all business aboard MCAS Miramar


You must visit a DMV field office and present original or certified documents (no photocopies) proving your identity, Social Security number, and California residency.

Federal Non-Compliant:
If you are not able to provide all the documents for a REAL ID you will be issued a Federal Non- Compliant License or identification card

REAL ID Act of 2005

Drone Registration

Requirements for On Base Personnel:

  • To fly your drone on base you are required to register at the Visitor Registration Center, Bldg 6200.

  • Bring drone in for physical inspection. Serial number must not be tampered with.

  • Bring valid form of Military ID. (CAC Card or Valid TESLIN Retired or Dependent Identification Card)

Failure to have proof of registration while operating a drone aboard MCAS Miramar will result in law enforcement actions.

Stowe Trail

Permit and Application l Schedule l Public Safety l Rules and Regulations

The Stowe Trail is approximately 4 miles long and parallels the eastern border of MCAS Miramar and is marked with appropriate signs to facilitate access to the trail by members of the San Diego community who have obtained a valid permit. Applications for permits must be submitted through the MCAS Miramar Provost Marshal’s Office. The official MCAS Miramar website contains pertinent information regarding the process to obtain a permit and appropriate use of the trail.

*Note: There are no other trails aboard MCAS Miramar that will be opened.


 Stowe Trail Permit Application (PDF)

 Stowe Trail Liability Waiver (PDF)

Follow the instructions below to apply for access to Stowe Trail:

1. Download the background form and liability waiver via the link on this web page.

2. Read the liability waiver but DO NOT SIGN, this document must be witnessed at Vehicle Registration. If you do not agree to the liability waiver's provisions you will not be issued a pass and may stop the application here.

3. Fill out and sign the background document; instructions are on page 2 of the SECNAV 5512/1 form (Stowe Trail Permit Application) .

4. Bring the completed application/background document and liability waiver, with all required supporting identification in person to B6200, Vehicle Registration, MCAS Miramar (Accessed via I-15, take the Miramar Way exit, then west bound on Miramar Way) Use the right lane and inform the gate sentry that you need to drop off  your background form for Stowe Trail.

5. Allow 10 working days and then call Vehicle Registration at: 858-307-1463 to see if your background application is approved, denied or still pending.

6. If approved, you will be assigned a specific day that you can come to Building 6200, Vehicle Registration, MCAS Miramar to be photographed and receive your permit.

7. Enter Vehicle Registration and obtain a copy of your approved background form.

8. Once you have the background form, take it to the building adjacent to Vehicle Registration.

9. Provide the form to an official at Vehicle Registration and wait to receive your Stowe Trail identification card (permit).

Note: Wait times to receive the identification card may vary as uniformed personnel and civilian base employees have priority.

Note: Only U.S. Citizens are eligible to apply for a Stowe Trail permit.



Marine Corps Air Station Miramar