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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is proud to be a vital member of the San Diego community. Over 15,000 service members and their families, comprised of every branch of our military services, supported by civilian Marines and contracted employees call "America's Finest City" their home. We take great pride in being members of the San Diego community and look forward to this partnership continuing for many years to come. Marines and Sailors from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing continue to deploy throughout the world in support of the United States' contingency operations. "In any clime and place," these outstanding young men and women proudly serve their country and defend our nation's freedom. Their dedication to duty and the many sacrifices they willingly make while serving thousands of miles away from home, leave a lasting impression on all those who come in contact with them. MCAS Miramar's strategic location and mission are essential elements in the preparation of these young Marines and Sailors for combat. MCAS Miramar is located in the center of a constellation of Marine and Navy installations and ranges in the Southwestern United States. This ideal location allows for unimpeded access to the training needed to succeed in combat. The Marine Corps prides itself in being ready when that nation needs us, our ability to train, and the lethality of the Marine Air Ground Task Force's air combat power, must never be compromised.


The San Diego community's unwavering support of MCAS Miramar and all those who serve here is evident in the many contributions made to our warriors over this past year.


Mission Statement:

The mission of MCAS Miramar is to maintain and operate Air Station facilities and property while providing services, material support, and training venues that promote combat readiness and support the missions of 3d Marine Aircraft Wing and other tenants aboard the installation. On order, MCAS Miramar will act as a power projection platform to support Joint Force operations in the Indo-Pacific Command.

Semper Fidelis!

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar