Space Available Travel


"To maintain and operate the facilities and provide services and material to support the operations of the 3d Marine Aircraft Wing and visiting aircraft. To provide responsive and reliable service and material support to our customers. While maintaining meaningful relationships with our neighbors and the local communities."

Space Available (A) Travel Request forms should be filled out using your computer then printed and faxed to the number listed below. Space A Request Form PAX Terminal:

Bldg 9100
Fax: (858)307-8729,
Phone: (858)307-4283


Hours of operation:

Mon-Thu 0730-1900,  Fri 0730-1700, Sat and Holidays closed,  Sun 1400-1700

PAX Terminal map and directions

Just a reminder:

all flights are subject to change. Seats are not guaranteed and the number of Space A seats that are open are not known until the aircraft has touched down.

Per DoD 4515.13-R, "C6.1.9. Conditions of Travel.

There is no guaranteed space for any traveler. The Department of Defense is not obligated to continue an individual's travel or return him or her to point of origin, or any other point. Travelers shall have sufficient personal funds to pay for commercial transportation to return to their residence or duty station if space-available transportation is not available."

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar