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Mission Statement

DEERS/RAPIDS maintains personnel and benefits information for active, retired and reserve uniformed service personnel, DOD civil service personnel, DOD contractors requiring logical access and eligible family members of active, retired and reserve uniformed service personnel aboard MCAS Miramar while providing services and material support to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and other tenant organizations. 

Welcome to the only site in San Diego, California servicing Appointments, Walk-ins’ and Standbys’.   Service is provided to you and your military family by Ms. Jamie Jones and her team of Marines. 


Contact Information & Hours

Building 2258                      ID Card Center phone number: 858-307-1421   

See a representative at the customer service desk to be screened. 

Schedule your next appointment at MCAS Miramar online at:​ 

Search by zip code 92145 to find MCAS Miramar. 


Lobby: After customers are properly screened at the front counter, logged in, customers wait in the lobby until their name is called.   

During screening, customers are asked to provide a valid cell phone number to be called in case of an outage or the customer must leave for an unknown reason.  IDCC attempts to contact those who departed but no guarantee.   

Customers are expected to return the same day preferably within 20 minutes of being called and not right before we secure.  Please let the front counter know of your return. 

Customers who depart the bldg. during normal business hours when there are no connectivity issues understand no guarantee to be seen if they are not present when their name is called. 

Office hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  

(Closed on all federal holidays and days associated with a federal holiday.) 


Holiday hours closed:  Per MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENBul 1050 published per Fiscal Year ‘Columbus Day to Labor Day’.  See the list below for the Holidays’ and days associated with a Federal Holiday the IDCC is closed: 


Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth Independence Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. 

DEERS is responsible for producing DOD ID cards  

(USID and Common Access Cards). DEERS enables DOD including identity management, reduces fraud and abuse of government benefits, and supports force health protection and medical readiness.   


Go to Tab 3 for the Pre-Arrival Checklist prior to your visit to the MCAS Miramar ID Center.  Please verify and prepare yourself with what you need to present, who needs to be present and what you are expecting by visiting the IDCC.  All other cases will be screened and seen case-by-case. 

Walk-ins/Standbys (can exceed one-two hours at any given time):  

Walk-ins: A very limited number of walk-ins are welcomed daily by the Manager.   


Standbys:  After the number of walk-ins are reached, any customer is welcome to go on a standby roster.  After properly screened customers must understand before they can be logged in to be seen they must acknowledge it is their choice to wait to be seen with the understanding there is no guarantee to be seen by the time the office secures for the day.  Rosters do not carry over to the next business day.   


Appointments are "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” but limited. 

ID Card Pre-Arrival Checklist 

Keep in mind other ID Card Centers might have similar policies and procedures depending on time of day, Branch of Service, or specifically the type of card that the customer is enquiring about.   

As MCO 5512.11E states there is a cross-servicing agreement in which certain things are not cross-serviceable.  This means certain things we as a Marine Corps IDCC cannot do for other Branches of Service members. 
All DOD Uniformed Service members enrolling/dis-enrolling dependent(s) have 30 days to do so in addition to the following details.   

Sponsors are required to be present at the time of enrollment and for all ID card issuances, unless a valid unexpired original Power of Attorney is presented, or the Sponsor provides the dependent a verified DD Form 1172-2. 

Sponsor can go to ID Card Office Online (IDCO) also the appointment website at: ( to prepare, print and/or send this document directly to DEERS for all renewals.   

The dependent can bring in all the supporting documentation and the electronic signed DD Form 1172-2 from IDCO to complete enrollment and/or be issued the ID card.  Sponsors may pick up a A DD Form 1172-2 at the nearest ID issuing facility if all identification and eligibility are met; go to National Resource Directory to find a site near you at: 

Not sure what is needed at the IDCC review the following: 





*special IDCC updated notice*

Online USID Card Renewal by Mail for CAC holders

Spouse: Marriage Certificate (not the license), Birth Certificate (optional-highly recommended), Social Security Card, and current photo ID. 
Legitimate Child: Birth Certificate or ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ (Hospital proof of birth) is no longer an authorized document and Social Security Card (Parents must be married or be a female Sponsor). 
Stepchild: Marriage Certificate (not the license) of Parent’s, Birth Certificate or ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ (Hospital proof of birth) is no longer an authorized document, and Social Security Card. Stepchild can only be listed under one Military Member for benefits, see your local Representative for clarification. 

Illegitimate (At MCAS Miramar United States Marine Corps Members Only) All other branches must go to an IDCC of their own branch for enrollment of type Child(ren): When the male member is not married to the mother of the child, the member is not eligible to enroll his child in DEERS/RAPIDS just based on the father’s name on the birth certificate.   

Specifically, DEERS needs the child’s Birth Certificate and Social Security Card PLUS either a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity filed at the State (must have proof it was filed/stamped by the state with effective date) – both parents’ signature on the documentation OR a Court Order establishing paternity identifying the member as the father of the child and signed by a Judge with the effective date and case number.  

NOTE:  Contact the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) for the state the child was born/resides in to get instructions on where to file the proper documentation.  Once you have the proof received in original format (no photocopies) come to the IDCC with the documentation mentioned above.   

If the parents subsequently, marry after present the documentation as mentioned above for legitimate child. 

Agent/Assist Letters: Issued at MCAS Miramar for Commissary/Exchange for eligible dependent child(ren)/sponsors who are unable to shop or not married to the other parent.     

Note:  All Agents will go through a background check and must present a valid photo ID card that is Federal, Government-state issued.  Sponsors are required to sign off on the application to process an Agent/assist letter or provide the agent a valid unexpired Power of Attorney. See a customer service representative for further details. 




Lost/Stolen/Promotions CAC 


Lost/Stolen/Confiscated/Mutilated (Statement Mandatory):  

Did you lose your Common Access Card (CAC)?  

Was your CAC stolen/mutilated?   

Did you go through the gate and receive a Confiscation Document?  If so, you will need to take that document and present it to your S-1.   

If you are coming to the IDCC and you cannot return your previous CAC to us regardless of what Branch to replace/renew your CAC after you pick up a Lost/Stolen/Confiscated/Mutilated ID Statement from your S-1 (Personnel Office - respective section for other branches). 

Ensure that the S-1 SNCO, OIC, or SgtMaj (E-6 & above for all other Branches) signs the document. 

Point of Contact information of the authorized signing authority must be provided with rank, name, and phone, legibly. 

Sponsors can get a new ID card if the fingerprints can be verified now.  When two valid forms of ID are asked for by the system sponsor must present those forms to be issued an ID card for a full 3 years or to EAS/end of contract whichever is soonest.  If not, a temporary may be issued if the system permits. 
Promotions: (Manual changes are not authorized) Promotion Warrants do not need to be presented unless asked for by the SSM/DMDC/Service Project Office for record corrections.  

MARADMINS are not authorized as proof of promotion.   

Promotion updates to DEERS takes time to process regardless of rank.   

It may take the Branch of Service 3-7 business days to update DEERS/RAPIDS via an authoritative service feed.  Contact your personnel office to verify the proper updates were ran in the administrative system per your Branch of Service. 

Once that happens the new CAC can be issued with the presentation of 2 valid forms of ID (old CAC being one of them-if the category is not changing).  View the DoD List of Acceptable Identity Documents to see what you can present to the IDCC for issuance.  If the system can verify your fingerprints, then those forms will not be required.  If they are needed present at a minimum two from the following. 


Unsure what documentation is required? See tab 3.   

If you still have questions, contact our office or your local ID Card Center because all customers are served on a case-by-case basis once identity and documentation/sponsor is properly screened and verified at the front counter and again once in the IDCC office against the information in DEERS/RAPIDS. 
Reminder:  DEERS/RAPIDS information must be fed to DEERS via an authoritative service feed for all Sponsor(s) from your Branch of Service. i.e.  


Active Duty/Reserve 

Retirement/Reserve Retired 

Inactive Ready Reserve-IRR 

Return from Retirement status to Active-Duty Status 

Reservist Activation of 30 days 

Reservist Demobilization after 30 plus days of Active Duty  

To just name a few.   

All documentation regardless of what it is needs to be ‘Original’ or ‘Certified True Copy’ from the Issuing Agency. 

Documentation NOT authorized:  non-legible documents, certified true copy documents signed off by a recruiters station, photocopies, laminated documents unless issued that way by the issuing agency, grocery store cards, notarized documents, or metal social security cards.  


Uniform of the Day or Proper Civilian Attire for all Active, Selected Reserve, and participating IRR to include must be within grooming standards. 
Please do not hesitate to contact our office or your local ID Card Center for eligibility if MCAS Miramar is not the closest to you.   

Go online to locate the nearest DEERS/Rapids Site via the National Resource Directory at:  

Members are not authorized to be in partial uniform i.e., just the blouse when the photo is taken, no exceptions. 
Please do not hesitate to speak to a customer service representative or management while you are visiting the IDCC.   

If you are unable to see management or want to leave any positive feedback, concerns, or complaints after your visit and/or after speaking to management then feel free to call or leave an ICE Comment and management can get back to you at their earliest convenience.   

Keep in mind if you do not leave your POC information then contact is impossible.   

Call the IDCC at MCAS Miramar at 858-307-1421 or leave an ICE comment at: Information Management and click on MCAS Miramar then ID cards).   

Please leave a good telephone number and email address if available and do not forget to let the management know which clerk(s) assisted you so credit can be given where credit is due. 

Customer Service Information Flyer


Customer Service Information Flyer 


Look for current MCAS Miramar IDCC Flyers posted on the Joint Reception Center (JRC Bldg. 2258), inside the JRC or if you are stationed at MCAS Miramar look for it in the MCAS Miramar Infogram base wide. 

Thank you for allowing MCAS Miramar ID Card Center (IDCC) to serve you yesterday, today and/or in the future.   

Proudly serving MCAS Miramar’s Online Appointments, Managers VIPs’, Walk-ins/Standby’s, and customers who just have a question.   



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Pre-Arrival Checklist 

DoD List of Acceptable Identity Documents 

National Resource Directory – Find a Site Near you 

National Archives – Order a Certified DD Form 214 here 

Phone number linked with website: 800-535-1117 

Location: 1 Archives Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63138 


Visit us on Google Maps: DEERS Rapids ID Card Center (IDCC) to MCAS Miramar directly.   


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