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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

MCAS Miramar Communication Strategy and Operations

Media Relations

The primary mission of the MCAS Miramar Office of Communication is to tell the stories of MCAS Miramar's Marines, Sailors and civilians to San Diego's citizenry and to audiences across the nation and world. Civilian and military newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and internet sites are just some of the many mass communications mediums through which we communicate. Here at MCAS Miramar, the media relations section of the Office of Communication tells our story by providing critical access and escort to civilian media. Whether facilitating interviews, scheduling and executing photo shoots, issuing press releases or responding to media queries, the media relations section strives to provide the maximum disclosure of accurate information regarding MCAS Miramar personnel and activities with minimum delay. Please send all requests for support or queries to miramarmedia@usmc.mil.

Community Relations

The mission of MCAS Miramar Community Relations is to promote a sense of unity between the air station and the local community through outreach opportunities, and volunteer events that provide meaningful and factual information concerning the air station’s operations. These events demonstrate how their Marines are making an impact not only worldwide but in their own neighborhood.

Educators Workshops
The Educators Workshop allows teachers from throughout the country to spend a week in the life of a Marine. The workshop serves as a chance to show America’s educators the many opportunities the Marine Corps has to offer. While participating in the workshop, educators will experience a glimpse into the formation of a Marine during recruit training, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the career and educational opportunities for Marines.

For more information about Educators Workshops, contact your local Marine Corps recruiting station.

Requests for Support

For 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band requests, please click below. 

For fly over requests, please click below. 

For Color Guard requests, please email the following DD2536 form to miramarcomrel@usmc.mil

Please email any questions and your completed DD2536 to miramarcomrel@usmc.mil


Hours of operation:
Mon-Wed   0800-1100 and 1300-1530
Thurs-Fri    0800-1200

The mission of MCAS Miramar's photo studio is to provide official promotion photos for submission to MMSB, command board photos, official passport photos, isolated personnel report (ISOPREP) photos, photos for packages such as in PT gear and of tattoos.

Reproduction & Graphics

The mission of the MCAS Miramar reproduction and graphics section is to provide high volume printing and graphic design capabilities to MCAS Miramar Marines. Examples of high-volume printing jobs we regularly complete are training manuals, reusable forms, technical pubs, etc. We also design retirement programs, placards, posters, business cards, etc. If you have any questions about printing or design jobs please contact us.


Contact Information


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Office of Communication

P.O. Box 452017
San Diego, CA 92145-2017

Phone: 858-307-6000


Building 9175 Boyington Road