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Photo Qualifications

If a customer does not have a proper photo verification or documentation forms, COMMSTRAT personnel reserves the right to deny photo support.

OMPF Photos - (Service C or equivalent) Uploaded via Manpower Management Records and Performance (MMRP)/OMPF. Please complete the Administrative Photo Verification Form and have it either electronically or physically signed by your CO, XO, SgtMaj, 1stSgt, Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL), or Inspector - Instructor (I&I) as required per MARADMIN 052/19 and MARADMIN 369/21.  Have the electronically signed form emailed to: prior to your arrival.

  • Re-enlistment/Extension/Lateral Move Package (Ref. MCO 1040.31)

  • Special Duty Package: Drill Instructor, Recruiting, Marine Security Guard, Marine Corps Security Forces, and Independent Duties (Ref. MCO P1326.6D W/CH 1)

  • Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Package (Refer to applicable FY MARADMIN)

  • ROTC/JROTC Instructor Package (Ref. NSTC CD 1533/14 (Rev. 12-06)

  • Annual Grade Requirement Maj-Col (MARADMIN 115/16)

  • Service Transfer Package (Ref. MARINE CORPS ORDER 1001.45J)

  • BCP Package (Ref. MARINE CORPS ORDER 6110.3)

  • Sailor of the Quarter/Blue Jacket of the Quarter Package (Ref. BUPERS INSTRUCTION 1700.22D)

Command Board Photos.

(Service A). Distributed electronically with limited printing.  Hard copy prints (1) are provided for command level or slated billets.

  • Commanding General/Commanding Officer

  • Deputy Commanding General/Executive Officer

  • Chief of Staff/Operations Officer

  • Sergeant Major

  • First Sergeant

Official Photos (command style photos).

(Service A) Distributed electronically with the option of (2) physical copies. COMMSTRAT does NOT support biography photos or shop photos.

Below are billets that are acceptable:

  • Installation Level Civilian Directors

  • Sexual Assault Response Coordinators

  • Uniform Victim Advocates

  • Family Readiness Officers

  • Marine/Sailor of the Quarter

  • NCO of the Quarter

  • Blue Jacket of the Quarter

  • Misc. Awards

  • Combat Instructor

  • Color Sergeant

  • Equal Opportunity Representative

  • Substance Abuse Counseling Officer

  • Commissioning photos



Passport Photos (Hardcopy)

  • No Fee Passport/Visa (Must be deploying or about to)

  • MSG (Ref. MCO P1326.6D W/CH 1)

  • Naturalization photos are only for service members overseas or in receipt of orders overseas.

ISOPREP Photos (disc only)

PT 360 Photos. We do not support these types of photos (these can be taken with your own phone)

NAVY official officer photos.

We only support navy personnel stationed at MCAS Miramar.

Hours of Operation


Photo Studio is closed every Thursday until further notice.

Monday - Friday: 0830-1100

Contact Information

Height and Weight forms can be emailed to

Or call: 858-307-5609

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar