East Miramar, the portion of MCAS Miramar located to the east of Interstate 15, is home to several small-arms and patrol ranges used by all branches of the military and civilian law enforcement, explosive ordnance disposal areas, World War II-era artillery and mortar ranges, and historical and environmentally-sensitive sites. Encroachment on East Miramar by hikers, mountain bikers, and off-road vehicles, an increasing problem, is not only against federal law but often damages the historical sites and endangered species that reside in environmentally-sensitive areas. Moreover, the hazards of the terrain, training areas and especially the WWII-era artillery and mortar ranges, on which officials still periodically find unexploded ordnance, pose a significant risk to trespassers.

While there are fences and signage on parts of East Miramar, many of them continue to be cut, torn down, or otherwise destroyed, leaving hikers and mountain bikers at risk of wandering into a potentially dangerous area. Furthermore, the remoteness of the area and the rough and varied terrain, which pose the risk of significant injury, also greatly inhibit cell phone and radio coverage, as well as access and response times of emergency medical services.

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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar