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The MCAS Miramar Graphics and Reproduction Department provides professional quality graphics and reproduction in support of operations, training, and investigations as well as to build understanding, credibility, trust, and mutual relationships with all audiences.


1. Provide enhanced professional quality graphics and reproduction products.

2. Operate equipment and manage manpower to improve efficiencies and costs.

3. Ensure we meet or exceed customer satisfaction of products and services provided.

4. Advise commanders on best practices for graphics and reproduction products.

Product Information

Business Cards

1. Only individuals holding key billets are authorized official business cards. Official business cards are meant to be used in connection with official business when the exchange of cards will facilitate mission-related communications, with a distinction from the extension of a social or business courtesy.

2. Cannot exceed 200 cards per calendar year.

3. Must use standard Official Business Card format.

4. Written justification required for individuals requiring more than one set. 


1. Programs can be provided and prepared for electronic dissemination as an Adobe PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. This is in an effort to minimize the printed quantities required. The Graphics and Reproduction department will work with you to best layout for dissemination via social media outlets, email, etc.

2. Programs are printed with 8.5”x11” 28lbs white plain paper and folded to a finished size of 8.5”x5.5” or as a single trifold to a finishing size of 8.5”x3.7.” If trimming is available, size may be slightly smaller.

3. Specialty paper can be provided by the customer as long as it will run through current operating printers available. Please contact us with type of paper under consideration, to determine usability.

4. Maximum amount of pages allowed for the 8.5”x5.5” programs are listed under each type of program below.

5. Maximum print quantities allowed are listed under each type of program. Every effort to minimize printed quantities should be made. If there is a justified reason requiring more than the maximum amount, coordination must be made with the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head.

6. Utilize templates provided by the Graphics and Reproduction Section only. Any other formats will require prior approval from the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head.

7. Photos and photo collages may be included into programs, however layout is the customer’s responsibility and the addition of the photos cannot exceed the allowed number of pages for a program and or exclude required content of a program.

8. It is the responsibility of the requestor to fill out the template provided, ensure proofreading, proper spellings and grammars are used. Once final approval is made and printing has begun, any additional changes will not be accepted. We make efforts to read the content, and will make obvious changes, however this typically is not the case due to available time.

9. Allowance of Types of Programs:

a. Marine Corps Installations West CG Special Events
                i. Maximum Quantities Allowed: Event Dependent
                ii. Content provided and coordinated through MCI West Protocol and G3/5.

b. Change of Commands

                i. Maximum Quantities Allowed: Based off Command Level
                                 1. Station: 200
                                 2. Unit: 100
                ii. Maximum 8.5”x11” Sheets Allowed: 3 (yields 12 pages)
                iii. Required Content: Sequence of Events, Incoming Biography, Outgoing Biography.

c. Relief and Appointments

                i. Maximum Quantities Allowed: Based off Command Level
                               1. Station: 200
                               2. Unit: 100
                ii. Maximum 8.5”x11” Sheets Allowed: 3 (yields 12 pages)
                iii. Required Content: Sequence of Events, Incoming Biography, Outgoing Biography.

d. Retirements

                i. Maximum Quantities Allowed: Based off Rank

                              1. O1-O3: 100
                              2. O4-O6: 200
                              3. O7-O10: 300
                              4. E1-E5: N/A
                              5. E6: 100
                              6. E7-E9: 200

                ii. Maximum 8.5”x11” Sheets Allowed: 2 (yields 8 pages)
                iii. Required Content: Sequence of Events, Retiring Officer Biography, Retirees Biography

e. Marine Corps Birthday Ball Programs
                i. Maximum Quantities Allowed: Half of total tickets purchased for the event.
                ii. Maximum 8.5”x11” Sheets Allowed: 3 (yields 12 pages)
                iii. Required Content: Sequence of Events, List of Ceremonial Staff to include the Youngest and Oldest Marine, Guest of Honor Biography if it is an Active Duty personnel who holds a major command billet.


1. All efforts should be made to utilize electronic invitations. They can be easily created at the following site:

2. Printed invitations are provided at major command levels only and Must be requested from the protocol office.

3. Maximum Quantities Allowed: 100 Cards

4. Invitations are printed on a 3.25”x5.5” 110lbs white index cards

5. Utilize templates provided by the Graphics and Reproduction section only. Any other formats or layouts will not be accepted.


1. Graphics and Reproduction provide signs and placards that are made of paper products. Some protection can be provided with lamination. For metal or plastic signs please contact the Sign Shop or the Defense Logistics Agency for support.

2. Placards are only provided to command suites and training facilities for the purpose of working groups and operational training.

3. Placards will only have titles/positions and no names for working groups. This allows for the placards to be used multiple times.

4. The only exception for names on placards is for instructor billets in a training role to exceed more than 1 year.

5. All other requests will need to be approved by the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head.

6. Signage can only be produced up to the size of 12”X18” and should be for indoor use. Any other size requirements will need to be discussed with the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head.


1. The Geospatial Information & Services (GIS) program office falls under the Public Works Office and is the authorized unit for information and printing of maps, floorplans, and blueprints. Location and Phone Numbers: Building 6311, Phone Number: 858-307-1610

2. Any maps printed by the Graphics and Reproduction department will need to be approved by the Geospatial Information & Service (GIS) program office to eliminate potential operational security risks and map inaccuracies.

High Volume Printing

1. Print only when absolutely necessary. All official documents and publications should be utilized electronically whenever possible.

2. Download documents and publication to disc prior to deployment where internet is not accessible.

3. Print only parts needed.

4. Print double sided/duplex.

5. Print in black on white. Color only when necessary.

6. Types of paper available for printing


1. Quantities allowed will depend on quarterly availability.

2. Maximum width of lamination: 51.”

3. Lamination is provided to protect, and provide the capability to mark with dry erase or grease pencils for products that will be utilized for an extended period of time.

4. Materials brought in to be laminated are self-help requests and requires at least 2 persons to complete the task. Self-help is on a first come first serve basis.

5. Any books or cards required to be laminated will not be done on the large format laminators. We have individual sheet laminators that customers can use, however customers will need to purchase lamination sheets/cards from ServMart.

6. We now have a small laminator that will accommodate small sizes and up to 11"x17". Coordination with the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head will need to be made prior to use. Material purchase/reimbursement may be required for use.


1. Tape Binding

2. Comb Binding

3. Padding

a. Padding is a glue type pull away stack of papers. Most commonly utilized on Carbon Transfer Paper. Can be made into pads of 100 with a cardboard backing on the bottom of each stack of 100. Most common size of paper utilized is 5.5” x 8.5” and 8.5” x 11”.4. Staples a. Provide standard and heavy-duty stapling from 2 sheets up to 1 ¼” (32mm) and up to 2” (50mm) stab stitch.

b. Staples can only be used for paper products.

5. Hole Punch

a. Provide hole punch for multiple sizes of standard notebooks ranging from 5.5”x8.5 to 8.5”x14”.

b. Can punch through paper and some lamination.

Large Format Printing

1. Quantities allowed quarterly will depend on availability.

2. Standard sizes for large format printing are: 18”x24”, 24”x36”, 30”x40”, and 36”x48” (some restrictions).

3. Type of content will determine the size and finishing available.

4. Types of papers available for printing:

Boards and Mounting

1. All mounting request will require Graphics and Reproduction Section Head approval.

2. Quantities allowed will depend on quarterly availability.

3. Standard sizes for posters are: 12”x18”, 18”x24”, 24”x36”, and 30”x40”

4. Mounting is provided on products which require a backing because it cannot be mounted onto a wall or hard backing.

5. Supplies are very limited, We do have the ability to mount products onto backings you supply.

Graphics and Multimedia Design

1. Logos/Insignias are Currently available in the .png format for download at the following site: (Must have CAC Card and MCI West SharePoint access to download.)

b. If other formats or resolutions are required a request can be submitted to the Graphics and Reproduction Section.

c. New designs or edits to existing official logos/insignias are provided with the following requirements:
                     i. Concept for change or design of logo has been approved from the Commanding Generals Protocol Office from which the command or unit belongs.
                     ii. Final design is approved for official use from the Commanding Generals Protocol Office from which the command or unit belongs.
                     iii. Final design is submitted with brief description of colors and meaning of elements in logo/insignia, to the local Marine Corps Historical Division for official record/archiving.

d. Marine Corps Aviation Commands and Squadrons are required to following the specific guidelines in OPNAV INSTRUCTION 5030.4G for logo/insignia requests.

e. Due to operational priorities and time required to design, logos can take up to a full year or longer before completion and approval. There are no routine Version: 004.00 Last Updated: 5/13/2022 turnaround times for design of logos and are completed as soon as operationally possible.

2. Illustration / Fine Art

a. Freehand Illustrations are limited to talent of current personnel.

b. Can be created utilizing several types of medium and styles to include computer generation.

c. Only digitized copies of original work will be provided. All original work will be archived and stored appropriately.

d. Request must support base installation operations, training, or for historical documentation and have a purpose to be created freehand.

e. Time to complete work will depend on medium used and complexity of work being requested.


1. High Volume Printing

2. Lamination

3. Binding

4. Large Format Printing

5. Mounting

6. Graphics Design

Product Provided

1. Programs

2. Status Boards

3. Posters

4. Books/Handouts

5. Trifolds/Bi-folds

6. Flyers

7. Placards

8. Logo/Insignia Design/Change

9. Business Cards

Turn Around Times

1. Work requests will be processed the same day all materials are provided.

2. Turnaround times are calculated by working days only, which are Monday thru Friday. Holiday periods and weekends do not count as working days.

3. Completion times can be from as soon as same day to as long as a year, depending on project. Most routine requests are 30 days, however we make efforts to complete within 10 days. Length of time is dependent on type of request, equipment status, and current work load.

4. All requests less than 30 days will require approval from the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head.

5. Customers will be notified via email, phone or both when requests are ready for pick-up.

Not Supported

1. Name cards, tickets and seating charts for unit events, Balls, Mess Nights, and Dining Ins

2. Any products for unit social events such as Mess Nights, Dinning Ins, and Professional Dinners

3. Beautification Projects

4. Products that can be purchased through Supply System

5. Printing of Official Electronic Publications

6. Personal Photos, Unofficial Group Photos, and Collages

7. Cutouts of Logos or Images

8. Outdoor Signage and Banners

9. Copies of Administrative Documents to include Medical and Dental records

10. Print Maps, Blueprints, Schematics, or TEEPs

11. Stickers

If there is a product request not listed, contact the Graphics and Reproduction Section Head to determine where support can be provided. More guidance can be found below on each of the items listed above.


1. Trademark and Copyright Laws. The Graphics and Reproduction department is prohibited by law to copy, duplicate or reproduce any item protected by copyright. The only exceptions are identified under the ―Fair Use Exception.

2. The Graphics and Reproduction department will maintain all letters/emails of authorization concerning copyright material.

3. Refer to your local commands’ legal office of Staff Judge Advocate, or HQMC Trade Mark Office, for instructions on when and how to apply the Fair Use Exception of the copyright law.


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