Keep in mind other ID Card Centers could have the same or different policies and procedures depending on time of day, Branch of Service, or specifically the type of card that you are enquiring about.

All DOD Uniformed Service members enrolling/dis-enrolling dependent(s) have 30 days to do so in addition to the following details.  Sponsors are required to be present at the time of enrollment and for ID card issuances unless a valid unexpired original Power of Attorney is presented or the Sponsor provides the dependent a DD Form 1172-2 by going to Rapids Self Service (RSS) at ( using their Common Access card (CAC) on a CAC-enabled computer.  The dependent brings in all the supporting documentation and the electronic signed DD Form 1172-2 from RSS to complete enrollment and/or be issued the ID card.  A DD Form 1172-2 may be picked up at the nearest ID issuing facility if all identification and eligibility are met; see MCAS Miramar ID Card Center Customer Service Information flyer for a site near you.

ID card pre-arrival checklist 
Available for download here

Spouse: Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and current photo ID.
Child: Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (Parents must be married or female Sponsor) contact the nearest ID Card Center for details if the child is illegitimate of a Male Member.
Stepchild: Marriage Certificate of Parent’s, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. Stepchild can only be listed under one Military Member for benefits, see your local Representative for clarification.

All E-5 and below who lost their Common Access Card (CAC) regardless of what Branch can renew their CAC after they pick up a Lost ID Statement from the Reception desk, then their SNCO, OIC, or SgtMaj (E-6 & Above for all other Branches) must sign the document and provide a copy of the front of their CAC and sign/date under their CAC on the copy.

Promotions: If the IDCC has over an estimated 1 hour wait. Please bring original signed promotion warrant to update DEERS/RAPIDS.  MARADMINS are not authorized as proof of promotion.  For all other situations we understand the original promotion warrant takes time to receive for certain ranks.  It may take the Branch of Service 3-7 days to update DEERS/RAPIDS and once that happens the new CAC can be issued with the presentation of 2 valid forms of ID (old CAC being one of them).

Unsure what documentation is required? Contact our office or your local ID Card Center because all customers are served on a case-by-case basis. Here are just a few:

Extension/Reenlistment: Original or Certified True Copy with Signature of Extension/Reenlistment Contract.

Activation/Deactivation: Orders (cannot be added to DEERS/Rapids until the Effective Date of Orders)/DD Form 214 (Member 4)

End of Active Service (EAS)/Discharge: DD Form 214 (Member 4)

TA/TAMP Eligible: DD Form 214 (Member 4)

Uniform of the Day or Proper Civilian Attire for all Active, Selected Reserve, and participating IRR to include must be within grooming standards.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office or your local ID Card Center for eligibility if MCAS Miramar is not the closest to you go online to locate the nearest DEERS/Rapids Site at: Members are not authorized to be in partial uniform i.e.; just the blouse when the photo is taken, no exceptions

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions, concerns or complaints that you would like addressed.  You are more than welcome to call 858-307-1421 or leave an ICE comment at: (Search Information Management and click on MCAS Miramar then ID cards).  Please leave a good telephone number and email address if available and the clerk(s) who assisted you.

Thank you in advance,
DEERS/Rapids Management and Staff

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar