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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Just like State Farm, Staff Sergeant Pruitt is there

By Story by Lance Cpl. Krysten Houk | Marine Corps Air Station Miramar | June 25, 2020


Thanks to the many courageous deeds of past Marines, today they are known for running toward the sound of chaos. One Marine from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, continued the legacy of heroism by running toward something different, toward the sound of a barking dog.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Pruitt, the staff noncommissioned officer in charge at the Miramar automated test equipment detachment of Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit North Island, has received a Navy and Marine Achievement Medal, May 6, 2020, on MCAS Miramar, for his heroic rescue of a civilian from a dog attack.

While retrieving his mail on the evening of February 18, 2020, Pruitt all of a sudden heard loud screams coming from a nearby base residence. With no hesitation, Pruitt ran toward the screams and noticed a woman getting attacked by her dog.

“I was able to come up behind her and use my foot and the door to pull her back and push the dog back into the house and away from her,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt took the woman to the backside of her home where bystanders helped him in applying first aid until emergency services arrived. Soon after, she was taken to the hospital for multiple lacerations.

His citation points out bravery, courage, and commitment as just a few of the heroic traits that he displayed while reacting to a neighbor in distress. However, one trait was left out of the citation- humility.

“I know any of my brothers and sisters would do the same for me if the tables were turned,” stated Pruitt.

Like it was any other Tuesday afternoon, Pruitt carried on with his day after the incident. A day in the life of a Marine.