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The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, MCAS Miramar provides timely and responsive legal support, training, and education to the Air Station in order to support the Air Station and all assets on board.

Staff Judge Advocate (858) 307-9132

Deputy Staff Judge Advocate (858) 307-9118
(Currently the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate billet is not filled. This number will be re-routed to the number listed below.)

Legal Services Chief (858) 307-9130

Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Coordinator  (858) 307-9130

Information regarding MCI West courts-martial


The MCAS Miramar Office of Counsel is a field office of the Western Area Counsel Office (WACO).  The mission is to provide on-site, direct legal support to the Commanding Officer, MCAS Miramar, and staff for matters within the scope of practice for the Department of the Navy’s Office of General Counsel.


To operate world-class legal offices composed of diverse, talented, and dedicated professionals working together within the western area to support the Marine Corps mission.


WACO installation command counsel located at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma; Marine Corps Air Station Miramar; and the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Twentynine Palms, California, represents their respective installations and tenant commands in all practice areas under the cognizance of the Office of General Counsel for the Department of the Navy.  The WACO main office directly supporting Camp Pendleton also provides specialized legal support to installation command counsel.

On 29 January 1988, the Commandant of the Marine Corps began a test program to determine the suitability, acceptability, and feasibility of instituting regionally-organized area counsel offices.  Following the program's successful completion, the Western Area Counsel Office (WACO) was established on 15 July 1988.  While originally organized to provide regional installation law support, WACO currently supports all Marine Corps installation and tenant commands by providing legal services in accordance with its mission.  The main WACO office is located in Building 1254 on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  In 1995 the Office of Counsel to the Commander, Marine Corps Air Bases Western Area, was realigned to WACO in conjunction with the establishment of Marine Corps Installations West.  The Office of Counsel, MCAS Miramar, remains a satellite office of WACO.



Provides the Commanding Officer and staff accurate, effective, and timely legal advice and counsel on highly complex and often unusual environmental and land use issues, including environmental compliance and natural and cultural resource management, land use, and real estate.


Shares responsibility and coordinates with command Staff Judge Advocates to provide the Commanding Officer and staff accurate, effective, and timely legal advice and counsel regarding ethics issues, including the use of government resources, conflicts of interest, logistical support to non-Federal entities, fundraising, travel and transportation, procurement integrity, and gifts.


Supports the command’s mission by providing the Commanding Officer and staff accurate, effective, and timely legal advice and counsel regarding civilian personnel policy and administration.  Proactively coordinates with and supports the Civilian Human Resources Office on legal and policy issues and serves as the agency representative on labor and employment litigation.


Provides accurate, effective, and timely legal advice and counsel to support command MCCS activities and their business operations.


Supports the command’s mission by providing accurate, effective, and timely legal advice and counsel regarding supplies and services acquisition, litigation support, fiscal law, and ethics regarding procurement, use, and disposition of government resources.

Counsel - 858-307-1885
Paralegal - 858-307-1928


Commanding Officer
Attn:  Office of Counsel
MCAS Miramar
P. O. Box 452001
San Diego, CA  92145-2001

Camp Pendleton Western Area Counsel Office's main page:


Legal Assistance Office - Building 6275

Notary Services (Notarizations and Certified True Copies) and powers of attorney may be obtained from: 0730 to 1630 Monday and Friday (except from 1100-1300); 1300 to 1630 Tuesday; 1300 to 1515 Thursday; and 0730 to 1100 Wednesday.

A notarization is when a notary certifies that the person whose signature appears on a document did in fact sign such document. In order for us to notarize the signature on a document, the person who signed the document must come to our office, acknowledge that he or she signed the document, and provide a valid military, retiree, or dependent identification card. Additionally, if the document requires that an oath be taken, the notary will administer the oath.

Certified True Copies
Copies of certain documents may be certified as accurate (or "true") by a notary. In order to obtain a certified true copy of a document, you must bring the original document to our office. Please note that applicable regulations prohibit us from certifying copies of public, court, or registered documents (e.g., court records, birth certificates, marriage certificates). Certified copies of such documents may be obtained from the entity which issued the document. If you are unsure whether we can certify a copy of your document, please call or stop by our office.

PLEASE NOTE: By notarizing your signature on a document or certifying a copy of such document as true, the notary is not certifying, e.g., that the document's content is true; that a translation contained in the document is accurate; nor that the document will accomplish any specific goal. If you have questions about the legal implications of any document you should see an attorney. If you have never seen an attorney at our office you must come to walk-in hours, which are Tuesday and Thursday from 0800 to 1100 (check-in starts at 0715), and Wednesday from 1300 to 1600 (check-in starts at 1200). If you are an existing client you may simply call to set up an appointment.

Powers of Attorney
A power of attorney ("POA") authorizes someone to do certain things on your behalf as your agent for a certain period of time. A POA may be "General", authorizing your agent to do anything you could do (e.g., open a credit card or bank account in your name, withdraw your life savings from your bank account, sell your home, pay your rent); or "Special", limited to only those actions which you specifically authorize (e.g., pay your bills, watch your children). You (the person granting the power of attorney to your agent) must sign the power of attorney and your signature should be notarized. You may draft your own power of attorney, use a pre-printed form, or we can assist you in filling out one of our forms.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a good idea to contact any entity or individual with whom your agent will be dealing (e.g., IRS; your bank: USAA; Navy Federal, etc.) to determine whether a specific POA format is required or preferred. If you fail to do this, the entity or individual may refuse to recognize the POA you have prepared.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE: 858-577-1656

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