Unit Deployment

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UDP Walkthrough (.pdf)
Statement of Understanding (.pdf)
Authorization of Storage (.pdf)
Termination of Storage (.pdf)
Unit Representative Letter (.pdf)
DD 1299 (Delivery) (.pdf)
DD1299 (PICK-UP) (.pdf)
DD Form 1797 (.pdf)
UDP Roster (DELIVERY) (.pdf)
UDP Roster (PICK-UP) (.pdf)
POV Storage Packet (.pdf) 

Per the references (a) JFTR U4770-B and (b) MCO P4600.39, the only Marines authorized government storage is single personnel who reside in the barracks and will be deployed for 90 days or more.  Any married personnel, geo-bachelors, single parents, or single personnel collecting Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) are not authorized government storage.  Distribution Management Office will verify with the unit representatives if service members are collecting BAH through I-PAC. Personnel collecting BAH and using government storage will be subject to forfeiture of their BAH until their return.

Example: If a service member elects to send their family back home prior to deployment, and temporarily lives in the barracks, this does not constitute as a geo-bachelor, therefore are not entitled to government storage.

- Unit deployment representatives will be from the units S4 section. Unit representatives are responsible for the following:
- Ensuring accountability of the Marines that are either receiving or getting goods stored.
- Ensuring that all of the documentation is completed correctly.
- Communicating to the DMO office in a timely manner (15 business days) for pickups/deliveries or any changes.
-  Must be present during the entire process or the Marines getting their household goods delivered or picked up (0730- to completion)

NOTE: Cancelations must be submitted within a 24 hour notice or will receive an attempt fee from the delivering company.  Marines that are not available during the pick-up and drop off will receive an attempt fee. This date was established by the unit, not by the Distribution Management Office.  If cancellation is not done, attempt fee will be charged for re-delivery/pick-up.


Required Documentation

The following paperwork is required to the DMO office by the unit representatives for all pickups and deliveries.
- Statement of Understanding (SOU) will be initialed and signed off by the S4 officer, so the DMO office knows each individual unit representative reads and understands all responsibilities they are required to perform.
- Unit Representative Letter, who the Units Commanding Officer has appointed as the designated member to schedule the pick-up and delivery dates for the unit.
- DD Form 1299 required for delivery and pick up
NOTE: DD Form 1299 requires Marines FULL Social Security Number not the Marines EDIPI number. The DMO system does not recognize Marines EDIPI number.  Units/Marines that fail to comply will delay their process of personal property storage or release.
- Roster for BOTH delivery or pick up of every Marine that turned in a DD 1299 requiring storage or delivery of their personal property.
- Storage Letter Authorization, which is signed by the units Commanding Officer used to notify DMO the unit will be deploying and requiring storage.
- Termination of deployment letter, which is singed off by the unit’s Commanding Officer.  This is used to notify DMO now that the unit is returning and requiring the delivery of the Marines’ personal property.
NOTE: Units’ Statement of understanding, unit representative letter, Authorization for storage letter, and Unit Termination letter must be updated quarterly to ensure a smooth process.


The individual Marine’s responsibility for UDP storage/ delivery

- Be present at assigned barracks and room from 0730 - to completion
- Good point of contact number and next of kin information for each individual.
- Make sure all of your personal property are inventoried correctly

NOTE: Ensure that each Marine is actually storing their personal property.
Example: Marine decides last minute that he is not going to utilize Government storage and did not cancel his pick-up. So Marine places a dust pan into storage to avoid any charges. 
NOTE: The Distribution Management Office will communicate with the unit representative in order to avoid any confusion. We will not communicate with the individual Marine.


Privately Owned Vehicle Storage (POV)

Storage – The individual Marines that require vehicle storage will setup this process through unit representatives. The POV lot is located at East Miramar and will be opened weekly Monday – Friday at 0900 and 1300. The unit representatives will ensure the individual Marine has a POV packet properly filled out and copies of the following:
- Insurance
- Registration
- Driver’s license
- Military ID

Vehicle information needs to be current and up-to-date at the time DMO takes possession of the vehicle. 
Pick up – Unit representative will coordinate a time and date prior to the Marines returning for them to pick up their vehicles and will provide a ride for the Marines to the POV lot. Unit representatives will have the Marines show up at the DMO office at least 15 minutes prior the scheduled time for the storage or release of the vehicles.

NOTE: Unit representatives will ensure the Marines have a ride back from the POV lot after the storage process is complete.

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