Required documents
Marines checking in are required to bring service record, all orders, receipts and any other documents that are needed to update their record and complete a travel claim.

Personnel checking in from an overseas location are required to submit a copy of the travel itinerary, port call and circuitious travel orders (if applicable).

Billeting Information
Personnel checking in to a command on MCAS Miramar that need billeting should report to the Billeting Office, building 4312. Contact number is Comm (858) 307-4233. A valid government ID and Original Orders stating - "Reporting for Duty Aboard MCAS Miramar" - are required to aquire billeting. Prior to obtaining lodging other than Base Billeting (I.E. Miramar INN or Off Station Lodging), A Statement of Non-Availability must be obtained from the billeting office.

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