IPAC (Inbound Section)

Check-In procedures for all new personnel:


1. All personnel checking-in to MCAS Miramar will report to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) building 8380.

Marines will report in Service Alphas.


Hours of operation for the IPAC: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


IPAC phone numbers: (858)307-1865


ID Card Center- (858)307-1421, DSN 267-1421


DMO- (858)307-1670 /1671


Personnel checking-in after hours, holidays or weekends will report to the Command Duty Officer (CDO) located at building 8630. CDO phone number: 858-307-1141, DSN, 267-1141. Personnel checking-in to the CDO will be required to report to the IPAC at 7:30 a.m. the next business day to conduct an audit and travel claim.


Required documents

2. View required documents and billeting information HERE

Marines checking in are required to bring service record, all orders, receipts and any other documents that are needed to update their record and complete a travel claim.

Personnel checking in from an overseas location are required to submit a copy of the travel itinerary, port call and circuitious travel orders (if applicable).


Billeting Information

Personnel checking in to a command on MCAS Miramar that need billeting should report to the Billeting Office, building 4312. (Located in the back side of the building)

Contact number is Comm (858) 307-6441

A valid government ID and Original Orders stating - "Reporting for Duty Aboard MCAS Miramar" - are required to aquire billeting.

Prior to obtaining lodging other than Base Billeting (I.E. Miramar INN or Off Station Lodging), A Statement of Non-Availability must be obtained from the billeting office.

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